What on earth is going on?

We have taken the abandoned Barclay’s bank in Preston Circus, Brighton. We recognize that we live in a state where 112,000 people are condemned to live on the streets without shelter, despite the 1.5 million disused buildings currently empty in the UK. We also recognize that despite this there have been cuts in key public services such as the NHS, education, public housing and social care. There can be a society based on sustaining life, not on sustaining the needs of the market, and we have decided to take matters into our own hands. Radical Bank is about empowerment. It is a space to share skills and reshape ideas around gender, equality, self-sufficiency, ecology and direct action. When you strike one of us, you strike all of us.This movement is a movement to challenge the logic and structure of our society.Everyone is welcome: We are workers, the unemployed, students and migrants.

Contact us, come in, get involved.


11 thoughts on “What on earth is going on?

  1. All the very best to you. I hope it turns into a shining beacon of what can be done without the government’s tedious say-so.


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