Court Part 1: Infant Law – (An individual insight)

I’ve split our court story into two because some people might find this section a bit dry. We had to take a written defence to court and this post will detail our effort in that regard. Our approach was pretty tight in my very unlegal opinion. If we were taking a group of lay people through our argument, they’d be impressed by the references to the European … Continue reading Court Part 1: Infant Law – (An individual insight)

Official Communique #2

So today was a roaring success! We hosted various workshops throughout the day from first-aid to digital security. We curated various film exhibitions from local artists and activists. We were able to provide free vegan food all day, and all manner of artwork was created to adorn the space. All in all we received overwhelming support for our ongoing project and with much respect and … Continue reading Official Communique #2

Sunday 14th June – Radical Bank of Brighton and Hove

PLEASE SHARE!! Come down this Sunday for the open day 13:00-19:00! Expect live music and art, talks on migrant solidarity, Palestinian resistance, the squatting movement, Solfed experience; workshops in first aid training, beat boxing and circus skills. Warm drinks and a meal from our skipped and donated food will be served. Come and regenerate and create the space with us! -Musicians: the live music is … Continue reading Sunday 14th June – Radical Bank of Brighton and Hove


Radical Bank is emerging as a fluid movement of people from across society and beyond these artificial borders. This is not strictly a residential squat but is being occupied 24/7; with a flux and variety of people. We hope to open the doors fully on Sunday, where the previously disused bank, will be transformed into a political community centre and food bank. This space will … Continue reading Emergence

Short Circuit: Towards an Anarchist Approach to Gentrification

Here’s an interesting & exciting article by two of our fellow revolutionaries over at Common Cause, Toronto. It’s essential for understanding gentrification, something that is especially relevant due to the huge waves of gentrification sweeping our urban spaces once again, including our very own London Road, the area around the original Radical Bank. Also in this article are outlined some great practical responses that we can all make … Continue reading Short Circuit: Towards an Anarchist Approach to Gentrification

Official Communique #1

I am writing on behalf of The Radical Bank of Brighton & Hove. We are a diverse group of people who have come together partly in response to the deprivations of the austerity measures enacted by European governments. We refuse to accept their claims that austerity is necessary, indeed, we understand that it has done nothing to improve economic health. Instead, we recognise that this … Continue reading Official Communique #1

Progress – (An individual insight)

Here is my attempt to give you a picture of the squat’s activity until this evening. I got here in time for a meeting that I thought would be interesting, and caught up with my friends who’ve been here for a while. Here is what’s happened as I’ve heard it. Someone told me it was ‘one of the most unorganised stormings of a building ever – anarchy in the … Continue reading Progress – (An individual insight)