Parliamentary Democracy

Parliamentary democracy” is a subtle and sometimes not so subtle way of dictatorship. It buys into the current capitalist system, they feed from each other. It sustains the very concept of Estate, with it’s frontiers and subsequent migration issues. It holds treaties and alliances with huge multinationals that exploit and kill people worldwide, that mutilate the environment and torture species all around the globe to feed nations their concept of Welfare Estate.

It sustains on a system of punishment, using police violence, fear of the Estate’s power and imprisonment. It unifies an education program aimed at creating a productive workforce focused on consuming life, rather than living it. It provides a health system which relies on pharmaceutical companies which experiment with animals and make our bodies toxic and reliant on consuming. It doesn’t question the role of media an publicity ignoring that sexist messages kill and alienate, and that racist imaginary are rooted inside it’s web. Its pillars are basically rotten.

This fake democracy is legitimised by political parties, appointed leaders which decide for nations with people with completely different realities. An impossible governing task because too many depend on too few.

Political parties operate managing the accounts of everyone in the system, who is obliged to pay and comply. When your actions are money-driven from a position of power, they become selfish, poisoned.

Political parties become leaders of the heard, breaking away from a self-governing body, a non-hierarchical space where decisions are taken collectively by consensus. They centralise instead of decentralising making it difficult for geographical areas, people and groups to decide for themselves.

Political parties are part of the game that is driving humanity, non-human animals and the environment to overall decay. It’s an endless turning wheel. One day we have the left, the next we will have the right. By believing in politicians we are perpetuating this, so it will never end.

Political parties impede self-organisation, non-hierarchical relationships and self-suffiency. Those are a threat to their existence. For that they have a powerful mechanism of brainwash and conviction, which is with no doubt effective.

It’s only in remote populations where the hand of the Estate is not present that societies are organising in an independent way. Here in the west we are too money centered, too influenced in so many deep ways. We carry society inside of us. In order to live freely we need to de-construct ourselves, learn from one another and keep away from the influences that are responsible for that we are fighting against.


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