– We need something to cook with! A stove or hob would be ideal, but open to ideas.

– Kitchen appliances

– Rugs

– Any paint would be helpful- white or colours

– Chairs

– Miscellaneous furniture (tables, desks, shelves, etc.)

– Things to sleep on (mattresses, futons, camping mats etc.)

– A radio

– Extension cords

– Anyone willing to decorate/artists

– Plants/herbs

– Wood panels and planks

– screws and nails

– banner making materials

– fire blanket

– window sill boxes to put plants on the outside of the building

– bags of soil

– interior and exterior bins

– food, water, beverages

– sand bucket

– walkie talkies

– carpenters, electricians,

– people who know how to hang tarps and materials well

– artists

– someone knowledgable in health and saftey

– anyone with vans available to do pickups of materials etc

– Anything you think may suit this place, or may come in handy, or would be nice.


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